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Monday, September 18, 2006

Swap Partner Info

Whoo hoo!

Posting finally for all my swap partner goodie info!

I'm pretty simple (not overly complicated for a female I don't think)

[ The Basics ]
:: Name?:: Selise (Jennifer)
Any nicknames?:: Jenn (2 n's)
Date of birth?:: 1 February
Age:: Old :D (23)
Gender? - Female

[ More In-Depth ]
:: Height?:: 5'8"
Shoe-size?:: US 7.5
Eye color/any contacts or glasses?:: Grey Eyes, Glasses
Hair color/natural or dyed?:: Brown (natural)
Describe yourself with 4 words:::
~ Caring
~ Shy
~ Thoughtful
~ Studious
How do people often describe you?:: Shy, quiet until they get to know me
Best qualities?:: I always tell the truth.
Any worst qualities?:: Always telling the truth.. I gotta learn to be nicer on how I phrase things.
Hobbies? - crafting, sewing, reading, writing

[ Your Family ]::
Do you like your family?:: sometimes
Siblings/names?:: Michael - 37 we're no longer talking
If so, describe with 4 words:::
Any divorces with parents?:: can I get one with my mother?? She and I do not get along under any circumstances.
Strict family, or just carefree?:: Overly strict to the point of controlling
Family member you seem closet to? Father or Aunt

[ Your Favorites ]::
Movie[s]?:: Oh dear.. you're in for it now:
Harry Potter (all)
Steven Segals (the earlier ones - the new ones stink)
Happy Gilmore
16 Candles
Breakfast Club
Carry On's (I especially love Carry on Cleo, Carry on Screaming and Carry On Cowboy)
Down Periscope

TV Show[s]?::
Law & Order
Law & Order SVU
Extreme Makeover: Home Addition
The Unit

Way too many to list

Way too many to list

name the singer

too many

Earthy Tones: blue, brown, dark green

The most favorite random thing on your computer desk?::
A dreamcatcher made by my father

Any favorite friend?:: My hubby

Type of beverage/alcoholic or non?:: non
Candy or snacks?:: snacks - veggies!

Number?:: 2

Brand of tissues? Kleenex? Or whatever is on sale at the time

[ This or That ]
:: Strawberries or cherries?:: both!
Coke or Pepsi?:: neither
Music or Television?:: depends on my mood
Mails or e-mails?:: both! I love snail mail, but I love instant email
Online Messengers or the phone? phone, messenger is good though
:: In person or online? person for those I can get to in a reasonable driving time, online for everyone!
:: Love or lust? Love
:: Pencils or pens? crayons!! Where the heck was that option
:: Cake or pie? both
:: Cosmetics or clothes? clothes
:: Roses or Tulips? ummm Sunflowers??
:: Metal or Techno? neither
:: Paper clips or duct tape? Duct Tape!!

[ Your Friends ]::
Do you have friends?:: of course
Do you like your friends? :: they wouldn't be my friends otherwise!
Who's the nicest? :: Dodie
Cleanest? :: Sandi
Funniest? :: Terry
Kindest/most caring? :: Terry
Wild/bubbly one? :: Melissa
Rebel? :: no one.. I'm the rebel of the crew
Oldest? [how long they've been your friend, not age] :: Terry
The greatest person in the world? :: Terry
Just plain weird one?:: that would be *all* of my friends
Narrow your friends down to your closet, and give each of them a word that'd sum them up:::
Terry - perfection
Sandi - insanity
Arlene - trustworthy

Are they really your most trusted friends, or just people you wave and smile at?:: true friends
The friend you probably hang out/talk with the most: Terry or Sandi

[The Last Person/Thing You ]::
Ate?:: granola bar
Drank?:: Water
Read?:: A Kiss of the Shadows
Listened to?:: Daddy Yankee - Tu Principe
Hugged?:: Terry
Kissed?:: Terry
Talked with?:: Dad
Laughed with?:: Terry
Smiled at?:: Terry
Blush at?:: Terry
Missed?:: Terry
Poked?:: Terry
Annoyed?:: my mother
Got mad at?:: my mother
Said sorry to? I don't know..


  • At 2:47 AM, Blogger AmyP said…

    That's given me a really good idea about your personality - thank you!

  • At 7:56 PM, Blogger Susi said…

    I like this idea... may I use it on my blog? at least something like it?
    btw, I did not know that you were jennifer1 LOL
    Glad you liked my BW cards!


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